Good turn out at Ruddington Frame Work Knitting Museum film screening and more films found!…..

We had a good turn out for the film screening last night – ‘Friends of’ the museum came to watch the musical extravaganza film about knitting – caught on film in the 1980s!  This is just the first of many films that MACE’S Full Circle project will be digitising and then making copies onto DVD for the museum.Ruddington Frame Work Knitting Museum are celebrating their 40th birthday this year. I completely forgot to take any photos of the event last night so here is a photo of Queen Victoria’s stockings instead – enjoy!

You can see these knitted stockings at the museum

We are looking forward to seeing what other films will turn up as a result of Ruddington Frame Work Knitting Museum joining Full Circle – during the evening one lady told me about films her father had taken of Erewash Canal and other boating films along the canal. She will be bringing them along to a Film day at the museum in October. Watch this space!

If you have any midlands related films that you wish to share with the community contact Kay Ogilvie, senior curator of Full Circle on to talk about your film collection.


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