A Welcome to Lincoln from MACE’s director, and thanks for all those who helped along the way…

A message from MACE’s director, James Patterson:

James Patterson moving into his new office at the University of Lincoln

So here we are – finally installed in our new home at the University of Lincoln. After 11 years we have a purpose built home for the collections of the Midlands and for the team who look after them.

Inevitably we are concentrating on settling in and developing new ways of delivering the regional service from this new space. But before I come to that I want to just thank those who have supported us as we have developed towards this recent move.

When MACE was first established in 2000 our offices was at the Central Library in Birmingham. Though our sojourn there was relatively brief, the initial support we had from John Dolan and Nick Kingsley and subsequently from Brian Gambles, was crucial to our early survival.

In September 2000 MACE moved its office to the University of Nottingham with whom we had a productive relationship for 6 years and where we really grew from a good idea into a proper archive service. There were many at Nottingham who contributed and supported us but special thanks should go to Professors Douglas Tallack, Mark Jancovich, Judie Newman and Roberta Pearson in the School of American and Canadian Studies and to Chris Jagger, the University’s Head of Estates.

Leaving Nottingham for the University of Leicester was an upheaval but our time at Leicester allowed us to mature and develop a number of different activities. Thanks are due to Professor Richard Rodger (now at Edinburgh) who was instrumental in getting us to Leicester, to Professors Roey Sweet, Simon Gunn, Rob Colls and James Chapman for their support and encouragement and most especially to Christine Fyfe, Pro Vice Chancellor and University Librarian without whom it could not have happened.

And so to Lincoln and, we plan, a long and productive relationship.

The University has a rightly respected School of Media with whom we will be intimately engaged and much time in the coming year will be spent in developing the detailed nature of that engagement. But, of course, our first priority is to deliver a service to you, our users and we are working out strategies for improving the opportunity to engage with us. Certainly our relocation will not impact negatively. In fact we now have more staff out and about across the midlands rather than spending time in the office then ever before. And next year we will for the first time have a base in the West Midlands so that we will be able to improve the quality of our service there. But more news of that in due course.

If there is any way in which you think we can improve access to us our services or our collections do let us know.

James Patterson


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