MACE makes Francis Bacon film accessible for Lincoln’s first Digital Festival running from 21st to 29th October…

16mm Portrait of Francis Bacon ©1968 Peter Gidal Frequency 2011 : Lincoln Digital Culture Festival

From 21st until 29th October Frequency 2011 will transform Lincoln into an interactive sensory playground with work by local, national and international artists.  Barry Hale & Uzma Johal, Festival Directors at Frequency 2011 brought a very special 16mm film of  Francis Bacon to the MACE film archive. We were pleased to be able to help them by copying this rare film onto an accessible DV-CAM format so that it could be screened at the festival.

The original 16mm Francis Bacon film on left, and the newly copied DVCAM on right

Festival Director Uzma Johal from Threshold Studios said:

“This is a truly unique event marking the beginning of an exciting journey for Lincoln, its artists, academics and local people to come together in celebrating the pioneering spirit of contemporary digital culture and take its place as an active contributor on the international circuit of digital culture and arts festivals.”

The nine-day event will take place in a range of locations throughout Lincoln including established arts venues The Collection, the Usher Gallery, Lincoln Drill Hall and the University of Lincoln.

The festival will also embrace non-traditional and unexpected locations across the city in an effort to engage local residents as well as artists and academics.

Running throughout the festival will be seminars, workshops and debates and an exciting programme of activities for children which will coincide with the October half-term holiday.

Details can be found on the website


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