Chris Tarrant Mentions From ATVLand in Colour on BBC Radio Derby

MACE had a happy surprise on Wednesday when Chris Tarrant spoke to BBC Radio Derby’s Andy Potter and mentioned From ATVLand in Colour!

Chris was sent a copy of the DVD following the interview he recorded for the documentary with ATVLand.Productions. Talking to Andy on Wednesday about the charity edition of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Chris asked Andy, ‘Have you seen those pictures of me in the ATVLand Video…the DVD…I just look at myself and think, what was I wearing… you have to say I was worryingly pretty!

Chris went onto say: ‘I’m kind of a professional Brummie because, although I’m a Southerner, my career started in the Midlands, and I just love the memories of the Midlands…I had so many laughes in the Midlands period, ATV and then obviously Tiswas.’

For the next four days you can listen to Andy Potter’s interview with Chris Tarrant on BBC Iplayer HERE Timecode: 28 minutes in.

You can view for free, 36 titles on our website of Chris Tarrant in his ATV Today days – CLICK HERE to browse these stories.

Chris Tarrant, remembering his ATV Today & Tiswas days

We’re delighted here at MACE that Chris has watched the DVD.  Other names from behind and infront of the camera have purchased From ATVLand in Colour to remember their time working for Associated Televison and subsequently Central and we have had tremendous feedback.

Meanwhile, our next DVD release, Nottingham on Film produced by the Lincoln School of Media, comes out on 1st December and can be pre-ordered on Amazon and – more news to follow very soon.


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