Emma Morley chats to Tony Wadsworth on BBC Radio Leicester about Capturing Our Memories on ‘Film’

I had a nice chat with Tony Wadsworth on BBC Radio Leicester this morning about From ATVLand in Colour, MACE’s Full Circle project and how capturing a personal story on film for future generations to learn from is of importance to MACE as a moving image archive.

Today the BBC is promoting Britain in A Day, your chance to capture your day on ‘film’ and possibily be featured in a BBC documentary in 2012. Visit their webpage HERE to learn more.

What better day than today for me to go and talk to Tony on his show about how capturing our memories now, and preserving amateur and home movie films that have been filmed in the past, is of great importance – so that we can tell a unique story with the images we hold – a more personal story about how life was in the past for people like you and I, a story that can’t necessarily be told in books, documentation or a photograph.

MACE cares for many home movies and amateur films which have been deposited at MACE – this means they remain the copyright of the owner, but we preserve and care for them and, with the depositors permission, provide individuals and communities access to the material for them to learn from and enjoy now and in the future.

CLICK HERE to browse 42 home movies from the 1940s onwards – perhaps it will give you some inspiration for taking a camera out today and filming a minute, hour or day in your life – something that in 10, 20, 30…100 years time, will be of more signficance to the history of the UK than you might think!

Mike Withycombe & Tony Wadsworth demonstrate Worm Sprogging to Chris Tarrant on ATV Today, 4th March 1976

As Tony mentions on the interview, he has filmed much himself, but he was also captured on camera by ATV Today on 4th March 1976, demonstrating the art of ‘Worm Sprogging’ to Chris Tarrant, with Mike Withycombe. CLICK HERE to watch Tony and Mike giving us a demonstration.

To LISTEN TO my interview with Tony Wadsworth on BBC Radio Leicester – CLICK HERE


Emma Morley, Development Manager, MACE


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