May Day Films from the 1960s found at Daventry…….

Angela and David Adams with the May Day films

Sometimes a little gem turns up and this collection of films from the 1960s is just that! The films were handed to Daventry museum volunteer David Adams by James Green at the museum heritage event earlier on this year. James Green is now the owner of “Kinema in the Woods” at Woodhall Spa http:// but a long  time before that he made some films in Daventry of May Day.  MACE/Full Circle will be storing the original films at the MACE archive and will make a copy of the cine films onto DVD for a celebration May Day  event next year – watch this space for more information, we think the film screening will take place at the award-winning iCon building in Daventry.

The iCon is a new landmark for the town of Daventry and a beacon for the low carbon economy in the UK and beyond.

If you know of anyone with films or videos that may be of interest to a local community then please contact Kay Ogilvie, senior curator, Full Circle on to find out how to preserve them for the future. Have a look at our pages on the Full Circle project to find out how to take part


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