MACE Officially Launches at the University of Lincoln Today!

It’s been over two months since MACE moved to the University of Lincoln and today we’re celebrating the launch of our new facilities with a reception and screening at the University’s EMTEC building. The event will include an opportunity for guests to look around our new base, as well as the University’s newly refurbishing television studios.

MACE’s move to the University of Lincoln has been funded by Revitalising the Regions, a strand of the Screen Heritage UK Programme: A Partnership between the British Film Institute, Screen Yorkshire and the regional film archives across England, to safeguard the future of the UK’s national and regional film archives. The programmes was funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

MACE’s new facilities at the University of Lincoln comprise a series of spaces purposely designed and created for the work we do.

University of Lincoln Students outside MACE's new base in the MHT Building

The technical suite houses film preparation and transfer facilities for copying 8mm and Super8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm film as well as domestic and professional analogue videotape formats such as BetaMax, VHS, U-Matic, Beta SP, 1” and D2. We generally copy to digital files but can also provide copies on DVD, Mini DV and DVCam.

Technician' Andrew Jenkins, in MACE's new technical suite

The John Swallow Room is a multi functional space named in honour of the former ATV Today & Central News reporter. This room includes a large flat-screen television and meeting space.  Next door to this is a viewing room equipped with video and film viewing equipment for both staff and visitor/researcher use.

The John Swallow Room - In Honour of the legendary ATV Today Reporter

Adjacent to our offices and technical space, and therefore easily accessible, is the archive store itself. Film and videotape are some of the most fragile of archive materials so to keep them in good space is a key element of our work. Maintained at a steady 10 degrees and 30% relative humidity, the store is capable of holding all of our collections film and tape in conditions designed to inhibit decay.  Mobile shelving maximises space utilisation and its design makes accessing the collections very easy.

Head of Access & Learning, Richard Shenton in MACE's new archive store

MACE would like to thank all those who have supported us to this point, to the University of Lincoln, to the Department for Culture Media and Sport for recognising the need in the sector and finding the capital investment, and to the UK Film Council and BFI for devising the SHUK programme which has made all this possible. 

The MACE Team – happy in their new home!

Lucie and I will be blogging with the pictures and news throughout the day!



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