The History of ATV Today Documentary team visit Sue Jay and Gary Newbon

They visited the wonderful Sue Jay. Sue not only reported on ATV Today but presented the series Jaywalking, which includes episodes such as God Speed the Plough and On the Road to Nowhere. We’ll update you soon on the interview (and maybe screen a couple of sneak peaks, so watch this space).

Pete and Steve interviewed Gary Newbon who was extremely generous with his time and remembered many moments and characters from his time as Sports Reporter on ATV Today, including classic interviews with Muhammad Ali, Barry Sheene to name but a few.I’ll update soon with more news on this, and perhaps, if the lads will let me, show another exclusive!

For now, here are some pictures of the filming. Things are starting to take shape. Next: Wendy Nelson and Bob Warman…then it’s off to chat to Chris Tarrant again about his fond memories of the time.

Gary Newbon shares his memories of ATV Today

Sue Jay fondly remembers back to her time working for Associated Television

CLICK HERE to watch Gary interviewing many sporting greats on ATV Today including Barry Sheene, Viv Anderson and Brian Clough.

CLICK HERE to watch to see eighteen of Sue Jay’s many ATV Today reports.

We’ll keep you informed of progress. Meanwhile, don’t forget, From ATVLand in Colour, the history of the ATV Centre in Birmingham is available here for just £17.99. A bargain price for a double disc set.  The documentary has been incredibly well received by viewers and those who worked for ATV at the time, we know of many former staff who have bought the DVD to reminice.


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2 thoughts on “The History of ATV Today Documentary team visit Sue Jay and Gary Newbon

  1. I was a journalist at ATV Today for two years – 1973-1975 – and had a great time. Incredibly dedicated newsroom staffers and some really talented technicians too. I still think of those days with affection.

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