“Past Lives” a Present Success at LPAC Lincoln……


Review of Past Lives – LPAC  Lincoln Performing Arts Centre Thursday 8th March

“…each luminous frame opened a successive drawer in an archive of memories…..” Richard Fung

Dave Sturt’s homage to home movies ‘Past Lives’, based on a collection of home movies from the MACE film archive and set to a live music score, has a starring cast of very ordinary people. These are the movie makers themselves who have visually captured and preserved our collective past.

Visual artist Anthony Hatton has captured the dreamy quality of the images, sometimes saturated with colour, sometimes spotted with age and cracked emulsion – but always vibrant and nostalgic, to evoke a time when holidays were taken in Britain by the seaside, tea was drunk from cups and saucers and little boys wore short trousers and knitted tops.

The performance takes us on a journey from 1930s to the 1970s covering aspects of rural life  from village carnivals and fancy dress pageants in Derbyshire and Lincolnshire to rare scenes of hop picker’s lives in Herefordshire to  beautifully idyllic childhood scenes from the much prized Bradley film collection.

Musicians Dave Sturt (fretless bass)  Theo Travis (flute, sax), Deirdre Benscik (cello) and Clare Bhabra (violin) elevated the film to a thought-provoking poetical level with their beautiful sounds.


Photography © Lucie Kerley


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