MACE’s Emma Morley’s off to Birmingham for the Flatpack Festival on Sunday

On Sunday, I will be exploring Birmingham through the world of moving image at the Flatpack Festival.

Flatpack, which is now in its sixth year is, as they describe,  ‘an eclectic jamboree of film, taking over venues all over Birmingham from 14-18 March 2012’.

The Independent has called Flatpack “The country’s most creatively curated film festival”

Like me, why not visit their website HERE and browse through the events that are happening over the weekend in venues you wouldn’t think would be screening film – from coffee shops to a narrow boat!

And, if you enter Media Archive for Central England into the search bar of their website (top right of their homepage) you’ll see that films from our archive are being used in a variety of screenings, including the Ikon Slow Boat from 11am til 6pm tomorrow and Bikermania Shorts from 5pm til 6.30pm at the Custard Factory Theatre. And, personally, if I had time, I’d stay at the Custard Factory and watch the classic ‘I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle’ which I haven’t seen in 20 years!

I’ll also be going on Mark Wilson’s On Location Walking Tour, which sets off from Snowhill Station at 12pm. (There is a second tour at 2.30pm).  The tour, I’m reliably informed, will include the ATV Centre, off Broad Street, the topic of our highly successful DVD release, From ATVLand in Colour.

I’ll be blogging and tweeting (@emmasianmorley) on Sunday with photos and thoughts on the day, so do look out for that, if you’re not going to Flatpack yourself.

Emma, MACE


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