Fangs for the memories…..Derbyshire Dracula films unearthed!….

Who is this local actor?

Strange things happen in Derbyshire towns….I don’t know what possessed the locals to stage this Dracula production but it’s a little gem! Sometime in the early 1960s the Jayrich Group  filmed this local production in Annersley, Derbyshire – and the results are unexpectedly comic. Bela Lugosi it isn’t but there are scary apparitions manifesting themselves in bedrooms around town.

Do you know this local actor?

David Amos, project officer for Annesley Old Church Project  is delighted to have found these films, which were filmed on location at the Church. The films originally on 8mm cine film have now been digitally transferred onto DVD for viewing and the originals stored at the MACE archive. The films, owned by Eddie Newby were found in his attic and Eddie was pleased to hand them over for safekeeping when he helped with the  MACE Full Circle film search project. David is inviting the locals along to the Acacia Centre, Annesley Woodhouse on Wednesday 28th March at 12 noon for a very special film screening of the films with the intention of trying to identify people and locations.


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