1970s film of Stainsby Folk Festival found!………

William Lane and Tony Trafford look through some of their film collection

I was delighted to meet up with Willy Lane and Tony Trafford yesterday and look through some of their vast film collection. Willy and Tony have been in the film business for a long time and have accumulated many many reels of film – some of it of great historical interest. They have amongst their collection footage of the early days of Stainsby Folk Festival (1970s) which is now in its 43rd year http://www.stainsbyfestival.org.uk/ and early films of the ex-mining town of Doe Lea in Derbyshire.

Old reels of film – some dating back to the 1970s of Stainsby Folk Festival

Willy and Tony are going to deposit their collection of films with MACE film archive and in return, MACE will digitally transfer these films onto DVD so that local people can view and enjoy seeing them again. Most of their collection is on 16mm film and it has been quite difficult to screen because the old 16mm projector equipment is so big and bulky  and obsolete now and is in danger of damaging the original 16mm film. This facility is made possible through the Full Circle/MACE Heritage Lottery funded project.

There are other interesting films in this collection which we have yet to go through, but to give you some idea of what the area is like – have a look at this film made by  Friends of the Earth called “Doe Lea: The village that wouldn’t die”  on youtube featuring both Willy and Tony: 


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