Daventry’s history of radio transmission caught on film…….

Rod Viveash with radio transmitting valve from the 1930s and portable radio from the 1920s

At the Full Circle film screening on Saturday I was sitting near Rod Viveash who caught on film the final day of the closure of the BBC radio transmitter plant at Borough Hill, Daventry.

Mr Viveash, now a museum volunteer, had a career at the BBC spanning some 32 years. He started out as a transmitter engineer and ended it as a senior maintenance engineer.

He has always had a special interest in old transmitters and their history and said that when he realised how much of the heritage of Borough Hill was in Daventry Town Council Museum he was keen to see it on display.

Mr Viveash said: “It’s been 20 years since the station closed down, and it will also be 80 years in December since the station was launched.”

For more information on events and exhibitions visit Daventry Town Council Museum http://www.friends-of-daventry-museum.org.uk/


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