MACE footage to appear on ITV’s The Queen and I 8pm Monday May 28th

At 8pm this evening a new two part programme, The Queen and I starts on ITV which tells the stories of people whose brush with royalty was caught on film – and MACE have played a large part in sourcing some of the archive material and the people who feature in them.

No child forgets the day the Queen comes to visit their school. For one day, normal timetables and classes are put to one side and every one is on their best behaviour. Almost exactly 50 years ago, on the 25th May 1962, it was the turn of Solihull School to be gripped by Royal fever.

Remarkable footage of the visit, which was deposited by the School’s Archivist and is now preserved at MACE, was shot by the pupils themselves and was one of the school cine clubs first assignments. Eighteen-year-old Tony Thomson even dared to climb on the roof of the Headmaster’s office to get a bird’s eye view.

Solihull School student Tony Thomson recalls, “We needed a clear view and the headmaster’s office was a prime position. Apparently the headmaster said to the cine club, ‘Who the heck was that up on the roof?’ Well that was me! I think when the queen visits you it is something special. It something you remember and it becomes a cherished memory.”

“It always amazes me about the Queen, how interested and amused she is on these public occasions. She still manages to give the impression that this is a really special occasion for her, as well as for those admiring her.” says Denis Tomlin – Former Teacher of Solihull School.

Over the decades the Queen has visited hundreds of offices and factories in Britain and home movie cameras have captured some of these Royal visits forever. MACE has supplied the The Queen and I with a wonderful colour film of the Queen, still Princess Elizabeth, in 1947, visiting Coventry, an extract of which you can see over this 2 part programme. You will also see some fabulous shots of the Queen visiting Leominster in 1957, shot by Frank Dale and a brief glimpse of Coronation celebrations in Countesthorpe in1953.

The Queen, still Princess Elizabeth, visits Coventry in 1947 in this wonderful colour film deposited aand cared for at MACE.

Episode 2 is at 8pm on Bank Holiday Monday, 4th June on ITV.