Royal Visits in The Midlands – Clip 2 – Solihull, May 1962

MACE hold many films, both amateur and professional, of Queen Elizabeth’s visits to the East and West Midlands from before her reign to the 1990, and in run up to to the diamond jubilee celebrations what better moment to highlight some of the films we hold that are available to view

Midlands News: 25.05.1962: Queen at Solihull


The Queen waves at large crowds on what looks like a sports field, do you know where this is?

Last night, in  The Queen and I on ITV1 you may have seen former teachers and pupils of Solihull School recalling the Queen’s visit on May 25th 1962. The school’s cine club filmed the visit and clips of the film, which is cared for at MACE, featured in the programme last night.

The schoolboys weren’t the only filmmakers that day. Solihull Town Council also had cameras there as well as Associated Television.

In this black and white, silent, news report, Midlands News captured the Queen’s visit to other parts of Solihull.  It features the Queen opening the Civic Hall and a large crow,  including guides and brownies, waving to the Queen on what looks like a sports field. Do you know where this field is? The report ends with footage from the day before, when the Queen visited Crabtree electrical factory in Walsall.


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