Royal Visits in the Midlands – Clip 1 – Wolverhampton & Walsall, May 1962

MACE hold many films, both amateur and professional, of Queen Elizabeth’s visits to the East and West Midlands from before her reign to the 1990, and in run up to to the diamond jubilee celebrations what better moment to highlight some of the films we hold that are available to view online:

Midlands News: 24.05.1962: Queen at Wolverhampton, Walsall etc.


The Queen visits an unidentified school in Wolverhampton or Walsall on 24th May 1962. Do you know this school?

 This black and white silent film, shot for Associated Television’s Midlands News bulletin, shows the Queen visiting various towns in the West Midlands, and includes large crowds at a football stadium and a visit to a local school. If you know what football stadium this is and the school that is featured, please do let us know.

A day later, on the 25th May 1962, the Queen visited Solihull School and memories of this day can be seen on Shiver Productions’ ‘The Queen and I’ which broadcast on ITV1 yesterday evening. CLICK HERE to watch The Queen and I on the ITV Player



3 thoughts on “Royal Visits in the Midlands – Clip 1 – Wolverhampton & Walsall, May 1962

  1. This photograph shows the Queen visiting Wolverhampton Grammar School in celebration of the 450th anniversary of the founding of the school in 1512 by Sir Stephen Jenyns, a lord mayor of London. I attended the school and recognise the fireplace in the background. This year the school celebrates its quincentenary. Sadly I don’t think the Queen will repeat her visit.

  2. I too recognized the fireplace in Big School. The headmaster was Ernest Taylor MA. I attended 1956 – 1962.

  3. I was there in the front row as she entered Big School. It was my first year and I spent almost the entire term practicing for her visit!

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