Royal Visits in the Midlands – Clip 8 – Preparations for the Royal Visit to the West Midlands 24-25 May 1962

MACE hold many films, both amateur and professional, of Queen Elizabeth’s visits to the East and West Midlands from before her reign to the 1990, and in run up to to the diamond jubilee celebrations what better moment to highlight some of the films we hold that are available to view online.

 Midland Montage: 24.05.1962: Royal Visit to the Midlands


When the Queen visited the West Midlands on 24th and 25th May 1962, Associated Television’s ‘Midlands Montage’ previewed the visit with a look at the plans for the visit and library footage of past royal visits to the region.

Reporter, Lionel Hampden, interviewed a Walsall police officer about plans for the visit and the Town Clerk of Coventry about provisions for parking and extra public toilets. I this clip, we then see library pictures of previous Royal visits involving the Queen, Queen Mother in Birmingham, Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Margaret. We also see building work at Coventry Cathedral (some shots have been removed from here) the new mobile toilet block in Coventry and library pictures of Coventry buses and Midlands police officers.


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