Rare Film of Doe Lea, Derbyshire deposited – how we used to live……

Screen shot captured from Willy Lane’s film of Doe Lea

Willy Lane film Collection

This rare film has been deposited with MACE archive by Willy Lane. It was shot on 16mm on location at the mining village of Doe Lea with the help of the local community. The film shows a tight-knit mining community getting on with their lives. There are rare scenes of back to back housing showing children playing marbles in the rubble strewn street with broken pavements, miners leaving work at Doe Lea colliery, residents of Doe Lea in the local shop being served. 

MACE/Full  Circle project have made an editable copy for Willy so that  he can screen some of these films in Doe Lea once again. We are carefully storing the original 16mm film in our climatically controlled archive at Lincoln University. This was a partnership/community film. Director: BBC Director of Education Michael Stevenson, Camera: Stephen Hawkins, Sound: Lynn Meadley,  Editors: Lynne Roberts, Anthony Lane (brother of Willy).

Children playing marbles

There are more films to come from the Doe Lea area and MACE are currently preparing to copy them for Tony Trafford – his films are of Doe Lea and the Stainsby Folk Festival held nearby. http://www.stainsbyfestival.org.uk/

Screen shot from Willy Lane’s Doe Lea film

The mining village was named after the Doe Lea river. There are some interesting memories from miners who worked at the Doe Lea Colliery here:   http://www.aditnow.co.uk/community/viewtopic.aspx?t=2712

Miners leaving work at Doe Lea Colliery


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