A New Way of Seeing – Time Limited Online Screenings Streamed on MACE’s Blog – Screening 1: The Last Train to Woodford Halse

A new concept for the Media Archive for Central England (MACE)…

…Time limited online screenings streamed at www.macearchive.wordpress.com


In the coming months MACE will ‘screen’ a series of ten themed compilation films here on our blog. Each themed compilation will stream online for 4 weeks.


A New Way of Seeing Screening 1:

‘Venue’: http://www.macearchive.wordpress.com

Commenced: Tuesday 24th July at 5pm

Closes: Friday 24th August at 5pm

Title: The Last Train to Woodford Halse




Remembering the lost stations and lines that didn’t survive the modernisation of British Railways in the 1960s.  From major hubs like Nottingham Victoria to the smallest branchline halts of the Midlands region.  This compilation of rarely seen archive material from the MACE collection will not only bring to life those routes lost during the Beeching years but also remind us of the final days of steam power as a hundred years of history are turned into scrap.  Highlights include seeing Birmingham New Street station take shape as a symbol of the future as its rival Snow Hill is left to wither and die and a journey along the Great Central mainline in its final years.




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