MACE’s Emma Morley and the ATVLand.Productions Team Talk At Kaleidoscope Event

The guys from ATVLand. Procuctions, Lee Bannister, Peter Raven and Stephen Thwaites joined me to talk about our successful DVD release, From ATVLand in Colour and our up and coming release, From Headlines to Tightlines – The Story of ATV Today at the classic TV event, ‘Midlands Memories’ hosted by Kaleidoscope on 1st September.

Kaleidoscope is a voluntary, non-profit making organisation devoted to the appreciation of classic and vintage British television. Since the group were formed in 1988 they have staged many varied television festivals and retrospectives in the West Midlands area of the UK and produced TV events for academic institutions, and offer consultancy and research services to some British television companies and other bodies.  

L-R: Peter Raven, Stephen Thwaites and Lee Bannister of ATVLand.Productions at ‘Midlands Memories’ 1st Sept 2012

Among the material screened at the event was previously missing footage from classic Saturday Morning programme TISWAS, a tribute to The Golden Shot, and Dudley comic Lenny Henry’s television debut on New Faces which was preserved by Bob Monkhouse.

In our talk we showed a number of clips including a 1970s UFO sighting by ATV:s Farming Today crew and a arely seen clip of Cliff Richard on Tingha & Tucker. We also showed a one hour special of the 5 episode DVD From ATVLand in Colour.

From ATVLand in Colour is available to purchase from MACE’s WEBSHOPAMAZON, PLAY.COM or EBAY

From Headlines to Tightlines – The Story of ATV Today will be released on 9th November – to be notified when it available to purchase, CLICK HERE



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