Kniveton Primary school screen archive films………and plan their own film for future generations to enjoy

Waiting for the film screening……..

What a fantastic response to the films from the children, parents and teachers at the recent archive film screening at Kniveton! The whole school (over 70 children) gave up an afternoon to come along and watch these 80 year old films. I’ve never had so many questions! This was a special film screening to show the school some of the footage found during the recent film search taking place as part of the MACE/Full Circle heritage lottery funded project.

Elee Kirk – evaluator for the Full Circle project and Head, Lynn Board of Kniveton school – Derbyshire

Head teacher Lynn Board was very welcoming and pleased to be able to show the school community some of the footage found in the area. Lynn said, “We are looking forward to using the film to stimulate discussions about what life was like 80 years ago in Kniveton, these films will help bring  history to life for the children”. Lynn asked the children if they would like to make a film themselves of what Kniveton is like now so that they would have something to leave for future generations – she got a resounding YES! If the school do go on to make their own film – they could deposit  it with our film archive for safekeeping and it would make a fascinating comparison with the 80 year old films they have just viewed.

Throughout the screening the children pointed out places they recognised on screen and asked questions about the fashions, transport, farming, vehicles, animals and much much more! It was a throughly enjoyable afternoon for all. A big thank you to Lynn and all the staff and children for making us so welcome. The Kniveton films were shot by the duo Mr Wright and Mr Ratcliffe who lived in the village and filmed all the village events. The  8mm cine films were deposited with MACE for us to preserve them for future generations to enjoy and study. A copy was made onto  DVD for the local community and the owner.



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