A New Way of Seeing – Time Limited Online Screenings Streamed on MACE’s Blog – Screening 7: Top Deck Tales

A new concept for the Media Archive for Central England (MACE)…

…Time limited online screenings streamed at www.macearchive.wordpress.com

In the coming months MACE will ‘screen’ a series of ten themed compilation films here on our blog. Each themed compilation will stream online for 4 weeks.

A New Way of Seeing: Screening 7

‘Venue’: http://www.macearchive.wordpress.com

Commenced: Friday 30th November 2012

Closes: Thursday 31st January 2013

Title: Top Deck Tales


A compilation curated by the Media Archive for Central England looking at bus travel in the Midlands. Remembering the days when Midland Red buses ruled the roads of the region and the Bull Ring bus station was an exciting new development for passengers. Also a chance to see the final trolley buses running in Walsall, finding out if it’s ok to eat fish and chips on the top deck and debating one of the burning questions of 1965: can women really drive buses?


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