A New Way of Seeing – Time Limited Online Screenings Streamed on MACE’s Blog – Screening 8: Life on the Cut

A new concept for the Media Archive for Central England (MACE)…

…Time limited online screenings streamed at www.macearchive.wordpress.com

In the coming months MACE will ‘screen’ a series of ten themed compilation films here on our blog. Each themed compilation will stream online for 4 weeks.

A New Way of Seeing: Screening 8


Commenced: Thursday 20th December 2012

Closes: Thursday 31st January 2013

Title: Life on the Cut

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/56018164]


Canal transport in the Midlands curated by the Media Archive for Central England. Looking back at the final days of freight transportation in the 1960’s and the fight to save our canal heritage including a trip through the Dudley canal tunnel in 1964. There is also a look at the first proposals to develop Gas Street Basin in Birmingham in 1967, a project which did not come to fruition until much later in the century.


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