Rare Shrovetide Footage To Be Shown At The Empire Club

A Shrovetide Film Evening is to be held at The Empire Club on Friday, January 25th at 7.30pm and will feature a newly created montage of short clips from MACE, showing Shrovetide moments captured on film.

Footage will include scenes recorded by Pathe News and ITV and will show the game and how it has changed from 1921 to 1988 and will also include anecdotes from older players of the game.

The event has been organised by the Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football Players Committee with the help of historian and supporter of the game, Trilby Shaw.

New Image

          Shrovetide football match 1974

New Image 2

Shrovetide 1960

New ImageShrovetide 1974

The funds from the film evening will go to the Shrovetide game.

Mrs Shaw is appealing for any Shrovetide balls, memorabilia or ephemera which can be lent for an exhibition sponsored by Ashbourne Town Council on Friday, February 9 to Wednesday, February 13 at the Town Hall with demonstrations of making and painting Shrovetide balls.

So if you’re a fan of Shrovetide, get yourself over to The Empire Club on Friday 25th January at 7.30pm, it’s sure to be a fantastic event!

CLICK HERE to read more about the event.


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