The Story Of How Televised News Came To The Midlands | ITV News

Footage from one of MACE’s latest DVD releases, From Headlines to “Tight-Lines” – The Story of ATV Today, was shown on ITV last night in the first of three reports exploring how ATV bought televised news to the Midlands.

In the first report, shown on ITV last night at 6pm, Andy Bevan journeyed back into the world of black and white to relive the days of ATV Midlands News.

The report looks back at the way in which ATV helped to revolutionize news reporting including the first female broadcaster. He relives some of the most memorable stories, industrial disputes and of course looks back at Jenny Martin’s vast array of fabulous hats.

You can view the full report HERE

Part 2 will be shown on Central Tonight at 6pm this evening. This time Andy Bevan will be looking at what happened when ATV Today went colour. We hope you can all tune in!

Headlines to Tight-Lines is £19.99+(1.50 p&p) 


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