MACE Bygones: Article on Pinglewick features in Derby Evening Telegraph

MACE has a feature in the Derby Evening Telegraph today which focuses on two ATV Today news reports on Pinglewick Hamlet; a purpose built village in Belper developed in the late 1970s. 

In the first news report, ATV Today reporter Peter Green visits Pinglewick which was being developed by a firm of local builders, J H Fryer Ltd.

The report starts with views of Pinglewick Hamlet under construction. After shots of Peter Green walking through the development we move inside to an interview with Gerald Finney, one of the building firm’s directors who points out features on a model of the new village.

‘Having built houses for a number of years, we have the opinion that a lot of people would like to live in a village…I think it’s the general feeling, village atmosphere, a close community, this kind of thing. I think it’s always been recognised [that] this is the way of life’.


The houses were sold at the time by the building firm for around £10,000 with a focus on the lower priced market for first time buyers, which is the market the firm had focused on in their previous building projects.

The report moves back outside to the hamlet where Peter interviews resident Mrs Draper as her family are the first to move into Pinglewick. Mrs Draper says how much they like the house and that she is looking forward to Christmas in the hamlet.

The second report from Pinglewick moves on two years later to December 1979. In this report Peter Green goes back to the hamlet as it has won the National House Builder’s Council award for the best low cost housing development in the North Eastern region in the 1970’s.


Peter walks round the hamlet with John Fryer from the firm that built the village and they talk about the award.

Mr Fryer talks of how they aimed to create a village atmosphere and points out how the windows have curved heads and that the bricks have been taken out to form a feature.

‘We put a lot of thought into the light reflection between the groups of houses. We kept white panels to reflect the sunlight’.

Peter finishes his report by interviewing local residents to ask them their opinion on the hamlet.

You can read more about the two news reports in today’s Derby Evening Telegraph and the clips are available to view here on our blog.

We hope you enjoy them.


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