Sat 6th April: The Grand Pavilion in Matlock Bath appeals for Matlock Bath memories

Local landmark the Grand Pavilion in Matlock Bath is appealing to the public to bring pictures and documents featuring the building or the village to a special Open Day tomorrow for copying.

The Grand Pavillion, in Matlock Bath

The Grand Pavillion in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire

Heritage team member Laura Smith explains: “We’re asking people who have photos, postcards or documents relating to the history of the Pavilion in their albums, cupboards or attics to bring them along on Saturday 6th April, between 11am and 4pm. We will have scanners ready to make accurate copies, so people don’t need to leave anything with us.” The day of scanning and copying at the Pavilion will help the heritage team gain a better understanding of the history of the building and its surroundings. Historical materials can take other forms too: “We would also be very interested if anyone has cine films or videos of the Grand Pavilion or Matlock Bath in general.”, Smith confirms.

Anyone with documents and photographs relating to the Pavilion or Matlock Bath should bring them along to the Open Day on April 6th, when they will be safely copied and returned to their owner. Cine films and videos will not be able to be copied on the day as this is a longer process that requires specialist equipment and trained technical staff, but if you do have films or tape of the town, staff at the Pavilion will be able to contact our team at MACE to discuss the films and videos that have been brought in with a view to them possibly being deposited at MACE and copied in the future.


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