Lincoln Film Society’s Chairman, Richard Hall calls MACE ‘The Films of Humphrey Jennings’ Screening his Lincoln Film Festival highlight

On Thursday 4th July 2013 Lincoln Film Society’s Chairman Richard Hall reflected on the highlights of Lincoln Film Festival  in an article in the Lincolnshire Echo and made some extremely positive comments about a screening hosted by MACE’s Director, James Patterson, The Films of Humphrey Jennings,  which took place at LPAC at Tuesday 18th June.

James, who before becoming Director at MACE was  Head of Documentary at the BFI, introduced the work of Humphrey Jennings, an acclaimed documentary maker of the 1940s, with films like Listen to Britain and Fires Were Started.

Mr Hall said in his Lincolnshire Echo article:

‘Another event that produced a small audience was the evening dedicated to Humphrey Jennings, my festival highlight. The films were delightful but the real gem was the expert commentary by James Patterson of the University of Lincoln which made the evening…those who chose not to attend the LPAC missed a real treat.’

You can read his full article HERE.



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