ATV Today Sport Reports of Niki Lauda & James Hunt in 1975 & 1977 online on MACE’s Vimeo Channel

As Ron Howard’s biographical action film of the 1976 Formula One Season, and  Niki Lauda and James Hunt’s rivalry in pursuit of the championship, is about to be released at the cinemas, what better time for MACE to look at the ATV Today footage we preserve for ITV of the pair.

‘Rush’ will be in cinemas in September.

We have compiled three sports reports which were aired on the Midlands’ ITV regional news programme ATV Today in 1975 and 1977 and are preserved with us at the Media Archive for Central England (MACE), the screen archive for the East and West Midlands, to ensure future preservation.

They were all filmed for ITV regional news and magazine programme ATV Today which ran from 1964 to 1981 and are the copyright of ITV. The reporters are Gary Newbon and Sue Jay.

MACE don’t hold any interviews from 1976 as the British Formula One race only ran every other year at Silverstone in Northamptonshire and in 1976 the race took place at Brands Hatch in Kent – outside MACE’s catchment area.

We hope you enjoy watching these interviews from 1975 and 1977.


What you will see:

Report 1
ATV Today: 18.07.1975: Silverstone – practice runs for the Grand Prix

ATV Sports Reporter Gary Newbon interview with championship leader, Niki Lauda from Austria and Britain’s James Hunt, about the race and the new car they will soon be driving. We see shots of the Silverstone circuit. This is followed by shots of interviews with drivers about the race, cars and a new chicane on the track. In 1975 James Hunt was driving for Hesketh Racing and Lauda was driving for Scuderia Ferrari

Report 2
ATV Today: 15.07.1977: Silverstone – British Grand Prix

Top motor racing drivers compete in qualifying laps at the track. Interviews with James Hunt, Niki Lauda about their positions in the World Championship table and predictions for who will win the British Grand Prix. We see general views of the cars racing around the circuit. There are also interviews with drivers Gunnar Nilsson (John Player Team Lotus) and Jody Scheckter (Walter Wolf Racing).

Report 3
ATV Today: 18.07.1977: James Hunt signing copies of his book

World Champion Racing Driver James Hunt signing copies of his book, ‘Against All Odds’ in a Birmingham bookshop. We see shots of James Hunt signing copies of his book. There are shots of an interview with him talking about his chances at the World Championships. The ATV Reporter is Sue Jay.

This footage was deposited at MACE for future preservation by Carlton Television (now ITV) in 2004, as part of a large collection of news and documentaries from the Midlands. It is (c) ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

(Please Note: Any unauthorised reproduction, copying, editing, transformation, exhibition, exchanging, hiring, lending, public performance, radio or TV broadcasting or web use of this material is strictly prohibited).

If you would like to purchase a DVD or MPEG4 copy of this material for home viewing only or not for profit exhibition please contact Emma Morley at

Extracts of this material is licensed commercially through ITN Source. Visit for contact details.


One thought on “ATV Today Sport Reports of Niki Lauda & James Hunt in 1975 & 1977 online on MACE’s Vimeo Channel

  1. James Hunt was one of the last true mavericks and buccaneers in the fine tradition of fellow British drivers Stirling Moss, commonly held to be the best driver to never win the Formula One World Championships, Graham Hill and the lamented Mike Hawthorn and Jim Clark…….James Hunt was a Formula One World Champion too…..brilliant film!

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