100 years of Bollywood. ITV News Central looks at how Bollywood has Influenced the Midlands

Bollywood is celebrating its centenary and ITV News Central has been looking back at how the Indian film industry has influenced the Midlands over the years.

ITV Central’s website has a number of news reports including how Bollywood influenced ‘pioneers’ of British bhangra, an interview with Stereo Nation’s Taz about his song, ‘I’ve been Waiting’ which was used without his permission in a Bollywood film but turned out to springboard his global career, conversations with Bollywood extras and actor Paul Blackthorne  remembering working with actor and producer Aamir Khan on the Oscar-nominated film Lagaan.

There is also a report on Bollywood films that were made in the Midlands. You can read more HERE

One of the features includes shots of Natraj cinema in Leicester which was filmed by ATV for ‘Here and Now’ in December 1980 and is preserved at MACE. IN the feature, Hitesh Pujara, team leader at sheltered accommodation run by Leicester City Council, talks to ITV Central’s Sameena Ali-Khan about his experiences of watching Bollywood at the cinema. You can watch the interview HERE.


Natraj Cinema, Belgrave Rd, Leicester, December 1980 (c) ITV (Here & Now TX 04.12.1980)




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