Derby Telegraph readers spots himself in 1968 Midlands News footage in MACE ‘Bygones’ article

On the last Monday of each month I focus on one Derbyshire title from MACE’s collections in Derby Telegraph’s Bygones and following last month’s piece on the Boxing Day Raft Race in Matlock one of the rafters has spotted himself in a still from the film.

Frank Gilbert has been in touch with the Derby Telegraph to say that he and fellow rafter Mike Guess are the two negotiating the River Derwent weir at Masson Mill on their bicycle raft.

Mr Gilbert told the Derby Telegraph: “We made our raft using plastic drums for pontoons and two cross bearers on which we mounted two old bicycles. We pedaled the bicycles and the chain was attached to a stern paddle wheel to propel the raft. The wheel at the front was used for negotiating rocks. It was quite a stable raft and we actually went on to win the race.


Left: Mike Guess Right: Frank Gilbert – on the raft made out of two bicycles on the River Derwent Weir at Masson Mill.

The film is catalogued on our website as  [Midlands News: 27.12.1968: Annual raft race on River Derwent, Matlock] and we will be updating the catalogue entry soon with the new information.

You can see the film on our Vimeo Channel below:

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