MACE Commences Two New Projects

Thanks to funding from the British Film Institute and from the Heritage Lottery Fund two new projects are beginning at MACE.

BFI Discovery Fund 


We welcome three new members of staff will who will work with us on the BFI’s Discovery Fund project until the end of March next year and who will be exploring the collections for material to digitise and offer to the BFI for their new BFI Player. This exciting national development will make a wealth of material from the UK’s film archives available to view in one place.

Mandeep Kaur-Lakhan will be the project curator exploring little known corners of the collection uncovering hidden gems for this project; Kayla Thompson, our technician, will be attending to the technical issues associated with the examination of over 900 reels of material; Eliza Richardson will be researching the copyright situation of material and clearing the path towards its use

Heritage Lottery Fund – Vinegar Syndrome Project


We are joined by Joanna White and Sue Winn to work on the restoration of an important collection of decaying film material passed to us by the Wolverhampton Borough Archives. Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, we will be digitising and reconstructing films made by a Wolverhampton based company called Warners in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

We will be aided in our endeavours by a team of volunteers who will be recruited in Wolverhampton and who will undertake the research on Warners and their films.  We will also be creating an exhibition about the project with the volunteers when the project is completed in March 2015.


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