Derby Telegraph’s Bygones looks at Shrovetide Football in 1966 – an 8mm home movie preserved at MACE

On the last Monday of each month MACE write about a clip from its collections in Derby Telegraph’s Bygones.

In this month’s look at the collections Development Manager Emma Morley looks at a home movie filmed by Fred Alvey in 1966 of Shrovetide Football in Ashbourne, the year in which Sir Stanley Matthews was the Turner-Up.

The film starts on St John’s Street in Ashbourne where we see crowds gathered on the pavement, people leaning out of opened sash windows of The Green Man and Black’s Head Royal Hotel and shots of the hotel’s signage which spans the road.

We briefly catch a glimpse of Sir Stanley Matthews as he walks out of the hotel through the large crowds to the position where he will turn up the ball.

We move with the crowd to the position where Sir Stanley turns up the ball from the plinth. We also see a professional cameraman filming events from a raised platform. Next Sir Stanley walks among the crowds signing autographs and walking passed the shops ‘Ernest Lee’ and ‘Deakin Bros’. The camera films shop front of Seymour Mead for a few seconds. There are signs in the windows for Heinz Beans and Heinz Foods and the prices are in shillings and pence. All the shop windows have wooden panelling fixed to them to avoid damage during the game.

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Mr Alvey films the crowds by the bridge at Compton Street and we see a group of men grappling with the ball in the Henmore Brook. The action then continues through the brook as groups of men take charge of the ball and wade through the water. We then see three men continue to take the ball through the Henmore and cut to one young man helped out of the water to the bank of the brook.

We then see crowds on the fields next to the Henmore Brook and the film briefly cuts back to the town centre and a shot of St Oswald’s Church.

The ball was not goaled on Shrove Tuesday or Ash Wednesday in 1966.

Copyright Notice: (c) Fred Alvey. Any unauthorised reproduction, copying, editing, transformation, exhibition, exchanging, hiring, lending, public performance, radio or TV broadcasting or web use of this material is strictly prohibited.


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