Going to the Pictures: A Short History of Cinema in Nottingham

Michael Payne’s little history of cinemas in Nottingham has just arrived on my desk. A richly illustrated and fascinating history of rise and fall of the cinema and its buildings in the city. A thoroughly recommended volume and a very welcome addition to our shelves here at MACE.

I was particularly taken with the picture of the West Bridgford Tudor, with its mock Elizabethan façade echoing the mock Tudor of the suburbs being built at about the same time. It reminded me of the cinema at the bottom of our road in West Kirby on the Wirral that I went to as a small boy. Also called the Tudor it turns out to have been the sister to the one in West Bridgford both designed by Alfred Thraves.  Though I have not been there for many a long year the cinema building is still visible on Google Street View.

James Patterson

Further details about the book can be found at www.nottinghamcivicsociety.org.uk

Long gone: The Tudor West Bridgford: photo from (http://tgc6266gmail.blogspot.co.uk/)

Still with us?: The Tudor West Kirby: photo from( http://www.wklos.org.uk/)




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