17.07.2017 – Brand New Website Launch!!

The countdown is finally over and after months of hard work, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of MACE’s new website. Be sure to check out the title you saw going through the digitisation process in the teasers here.

The Big Reveal!

With a host of new features and sleek design the site has been carefully crafted to enhance the user experience and bring the ever expanding archive to life.

New features include a powerful search engine allowing you to navigate through the collection with precision and ease. Whether you’re hunting down a specific clip for a documentary or researching your family history – the advance search is a tool worth bookmarking!

Our New Homepage

We’ve also created an online screening room, a place where we can get together and show off some of the highlights of the ever expanding collection via theme, locality and decade. We hope this will be a place of inspiration not only for the creative community but for anyone looking to learn about and connect with the region’s screen heritage.

We could talk about features and functions all day but why not check out our new digs for yourself at www.macearchive.org  – we really hope you like what we’ve done with the place!

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