Filming Dracula in the 1960s and the JayRich group, Annesley


David Amos, Project officer for the HLF funded Annesley Old Church project and a Full Circle supporter, has sent us this post:
We had a fantastic day on Monday (10th December 2012) when a small group of us met at the Acacia Centre in Annesley Woodhouse to view the archive footage of the spoof Dracula films done by the Jayrich Group in the early 1960’s.  vlcsnap-2012-12-12-13h38m41s222In attendance were Mrs and Eddie Newby (Dracula in the film, 86 years young!), Fred Hutchinson (member of the Kirkby Cine Club in the 1960’s), Trevor Lee (Local Film and Media Historian), Mick Pattison (Local film and media enthusiast) and David Amos (Project Officer for the Annesley Old Church Project). 
Eddie Newby was interviewed about the making of the two spoof Dracula films and then the footage from the two films was shown and filmed, with the group discussing various aspects of the making the films over 50 years ago.  Trevor Lee supplied research details of the Jayrich group and Fred Hutchinson brought a collection of vintage movie camera’s.
vlcsnap-2012-12-12-13h39m16s62MACE’s Full Circle project made digital copies of the cine films and now preserve the original at the MACE film archive. Plans are in the initial stages for using the footage from the original films in a new production as part of the Annesley Old Church Project (2011-2014).  The Annesley project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and some of the original footage was filmed at Annesley Old Church when it was more intact than the present ruined remains. To find out about the Annesley Church project have a look at his link:

Kniveton Primary school screen archive films………and plan their own film for future generations to enjoy

Waiting for the film screening……..

What a fantastic response to the films from the children, parents and teachers at the recent archive film screening at Kniveton! The whole school (over 70 children) gave up an afternoon to come along and watch these 80 year old films. I’ve never had so many questions! This was a special film screening to show the school some of the footage found during the recent film search taking place as part of the MACE/Full Circle heritage lottery funded project.

Elee Kirk – evaluator for the Full Circle project and Head, Lynn Board of Kniveton school – Derbyshire

Head teacher Lynn Board was very welcoming and pleased to be able to show the school community some of the footage found in the area. Lynn said, “We are looking forward to using the film to stimulate discussions about what life was like 80 years ago in Kniveton, these films will help bring  history to life for the children”. Lynn asked the children if they would like to make a film themselves of what Kniveton is like now so that they would have something to leave for future generations – she got a resounding YES! If the school do go on to make their own film – they could deposit  it with our film archive for safekeeping and it would make a fascinating comparison with the 80 year old films they have just viewed.

Throughout the screening the children pointed out places they recognised on screen and asked questions about the fashions, transport, farming, vehicles, animals and much much more! It was a throughly enjoyable afternoon for all. A big thank you to Lynn and all the staff and children for making us so welcome. The Kniveton films were shot by the duo Mr Wright and Mr Ratcliffe who lived in the village and filmed all the village events. The  8mm cine films were deposited with MACE for us to preserve them for future generations to enjoy and study. A copy was made onto  DVD for the local community and the owner.


Vintage films screened at Ashbourne U3A

Katie and Sarah enjoy watching the archive footage with their grandmother Audrey

A grand meeting of 13 groups of the U3A (University of the Third Age) came along to Ashbourne to watch the films of Mr Wright and Mr Ratcliffe – this is an extra special collection of films dating back to the 1930s about the village of Kniveton and surrounding area, including Ashbourne.

Members of the Ashbourne group – U3A

These 8mm cine films (over 70 reels) are now carefully stored at the MACE climatically controlled archive at the University of Lincoln. MACE has made copies onto DVD for the local community to share  as part of the lottery funded Full Circle project which re-unites people with their screen heritage.


Kniveton villagers in Derbyshire re-live childhood memories at Kniveton film screening….

A good crowd of Kniveton villagers turned out to watch the home movies of the Derbyshire film making duo Mr Wright and Mr Ratcliffe.

Some of the old farming families are still resident in the village and were able to help identify faces on screen

The films, dating back to the 1930s, show scenes of village life, farming activities and farming practice before mechanisation.What is so special about this collection is the fact that Mr Wright and Mr Ratcliffe, both resident in the village, filmed villagers and farmers carrying out their normal activities. It is a fascinating record of a  typical Derbyshire village  just before the war.

The lady on the left recognised her mother on the film

The local school will be screening some of the material at a special school screening on Thursday 25th October and will be using the footage found to help enrich their curriculum.

People recognised themselves on screen as children

This screening united the residents of Kniveton Village with their screen heritage and is part of the Full Circle Heritage Lottery funded project to bring alive history and the value of film as a historical record.

MACE supports D.H.Lawrence Festival mining heritage talk and bus tour

Dr David Amos in front of the Headstocks at Annesley Colliery, the pit he worked at for 24 years. This photo was taken on the last day of production on January 30th 2000

Ex coalminer and now academic, Dr David Amos (BA/PGCE-FE/PhD), gave a fascinating talk on the mining heritage of Nottinghamshire on Wednesday at the D.H.Lawrence Heritage Centre, Eastwood, as part of the D.H.Lawrence Festival. David has been helping the Full Circle project to search for film in the area and has found some fascinating mining footage that he was able to incorporate into his mining heritage talk. We at MACE have transferred the original 8mm cine films onto DVD and are storing the originals in our purpose built archive for future generations to enjoy and study.

The last shift for the miners –  The photo dates from 1985 and is taken at Pye Hill No.1 Colliery at Underwood, Notts just prior to its closure in  August 1985

The talk accompanies the Mining Heritage Bus Tour on Sunday – the tour will visit some of the coalmining heritage sites, including Brinsley Headstocks, Underwood, Annesley, Newstead and Digby. It will introduce you to some of the high profile and sometimes controversial characters linked with the former pit sites including Arthur Lawrence (father of D.H.Lawrence), Colin Clarke, Harold Larwood, and George Spencer.

Fascinating old footage found of 1930s Kniveton in Derbyshire

Do you know this person?

This Sunday at Kniveton Village Hall we will be bringing alive old memories of Kniveton in Derbyshire and hoping to identify some of the characters featured in the film. This film collection was found by Peter Frost and was shot by his grandfather Wilfred Ratcliffe in the 1930s. Wilfred was the chauffeur to the Wright family of Kniveton.

We hope to identify some of the people featured in the film…..

This is a fascinating collection of 8mm cine film shot in and around Kniveton and shows scenes of old farming practices and machinery. Shot just before the war the summer was perfect for using scythes to cut hay, making haystacks and threshing. There are scenes shot in the hay meadows of workers drinking tea after a hard day’s work, the village post mistress, the village fete and Kniveton Jubilee shot in 1939. Other footage includes lively scenes of Ashbourne Shrovetide Football match and Stanley Matthews throwing the ball in the 1970s.

Rare Film of Doe Lea, Derbyshire deposited – how we used to live……

Screen shot captured from Willy Lane’s film of Doe Lea

Willy Lane film Collection

This rare film has been deposited with MACE archive by Willy Lane. It was shot on 16mm on location at the mining village of Doe Lea with the help of the local community. The film shows a tight-knit mining community getting on with their lives. There are rare scenes of back to back housing showing children playing marbles in the rubble strewn street with broken pavements, miners leaving work at Doe Lea colliery, residents of Doe Lea in the local shop being served. 

MACE/Full  Circle project have made an editable copy for Willy so that  he can screen some of these films in Doe Lea once again. We are carefully storing the original 16mm film in our climatically controlled archive at Lincoln University. This was a partnership/community film. Director: BBC Director of Education Michael Stevenson, Camera: Stephen Hawkins, Sound: Lynn Meadley,  Editors: Lynne Roberts, Anthony Lane (brother of Willy).

Children playing marbles

There are more films to come from the Doe Lea area and MACE are currently preparing to copy them for Tony Trafford – his films are of Doe Lea and the Stainsby Folk Festival held nearby.

Screen shot from Willy Lane’s Doe Lea film

The mining village was named after the Doe Lea river. There are some interesting memories from miners who worked at the Doe Lea Colliery here:

Miners leaving work at Doe Lea Colliery

‘Past Lives’ – live performance and Full circle archive film

Dave Sturt, Theo Travis, Clare Bhabra and Deirdre Benscik playing a live film soundtrack to images of the Sarah Bradley film collection

Renowned musicians Dave Sturt (fretless bass/sound design), Theo Travis (flute, sax), Deirdre Benscik (cello) and Clare Bhabra (violin) play an evocative soundtrack to this fascinating collection of film from the 1930s onwards. Dave and Theo collaborated with visual artist Anthony Hatton to produce this thought provoking and engaging performance.

The films were collected as part of the MACE/Full Circle film search project funded by the Heritage Lottery. MACE would like to thank all those who deposited their films as part of this project and contributed to the rich screen heritage of the midlands.

Dave Sturt and Theo Travis

Guest musicians Deirdre Benscik and Clare Bhabra are from the renowned  Sinfonia ViVA.

deirdre Benscik and Clare Bhabra

‘A History of Daventry on Film’ sells out at the iCon centre Daventry…

Local people at the iCon centre Daventry for the archive film screening on Saturday

Angela and David with the James Green collection of 8mm cinefilms that have been deposited with the MACE film archive for preservation and copying. James Green is the owner of ‘Kinema in  the Woods’ at Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire

The iCon centre is a fantastic venue for an event – with its lovely cafe and outside seating areas as well as the large auditorium with digital screening facilities

Angela and David are members of one of over 70 local history groups working with the MACE Heritage lottery funded project called Full Circle. The Full Circle project helps preserve original films and make them accessible to the local community by copying them onto DVD. David and Angela first had the idea of  celebrating the past May Day events when they held an exhibition last year of old photographs. James Green a local man donated his May Day films and other films to the history group, and these rare films were preserved and copied by MACE and screened at Saturday’s event.

David introduces the film evening…..

David was a radio engineer at the BBC when Daventry was the radio transmitter base for broadcasting until it all closed down in the 1990s.  In 1925 the newly created BBC constructed a broadcasting station on Borough Hill just outside the town. Daventry was chosen because it was the point of maximum contact with the land mass of England and Wales. From 1932 the BBC Empire Service (now the BBC World Service) was broadcast from there. David found some old footage of the last poignant day when the whole plant was closed down and many people at the film screening on Saturday recognised their younger selves on screen.

David takes a well-earned break from the evening!

The iCon cafe staff were friendly and efficient

Many local people saw themselves up on the big screen on Saturday – ex employees of the BBC, ladies who ran in the Rugby to Daventry Ladies Run, and ex May Day queens from many years ago.

Scenes from the 1964 May Day celebration shown to a capacity audience

BBC Radio presenter Martin Heath provided an excellent commentary  for the BBC films and footage of scenes around Daventry in the 1970s

David and Angela Adams and Martin Heath of BBC Radio Northants

The raffle was an excellent way of raising funds for future local events

May Day Memories! – archive film of Daventry

Local residents watch May Day Parade, Daventry 1960s.

Come along and see some original archive footage of films shot by local film maker James Green in 1960s Daventry.

Scene from James Green’s amateur movies shot in Daventry, 1960s.

These 8mm cine films were handed to Daventry museum volunteer David Adams by James Green at the museum heritage event in 2011. James Green is now the owner of “Kinema in the Woods” at Woodhall Spa but a long time before that he made some films in Daventry. The original films have now been stored for  preservation at the MACE archive at the University of Lincoln and as part of the Full Circle Heritage Lottery funded project. MACE have made a copy of the films onto DVD so that local people can once again view their screen heritage.

Daventry High Street – KW Luxury Coaches – Trip to London – 10s 9d (60p!)

Film Screening starts at 7.30pm, at the iCon Centre, Eastern Way, Daventry NN11 4FP. Tel: 01327 304800

Womens’ Running Race, Daventry 1960s.

May Queen’s Ceremony

Children watch St.George’s Day parade.