Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!…..David Robinson of Sutton on Sea receives a Full Circle copy of his late brother’s film….

David Robinson is really pleased that he will be able to view his films at last! They have been sitting in his brother’s garage for years and it was only because of the advert in the local paper put in by Mablethorpe Visions group that he heard about the Full Circle project and the opportunity it gave him to get his original films copied onto DVD.

Can you identify any of these people? Some of the films in the Robinson collection have people on them who we don't know who they are!

Who is this girl? We think she was filmed in Mablethorpe in the 1930s........?

The Robinson films being viewed and assesed at MACE film archiveThe Robinson films, being viewed and assessed at MACE film archive before copying to DVD

This film had no label - the images above are from this reel.......The images above are from this reel which had no label….

David Robinson holding his new DVDs and a box of his old films. His original films are now stored safely at the MACE archive. David's late brother worked as a projectionist at the Alford cinema and collected quite a lot of old films - some of them unidentified.

John Gregory of Mablethorpe  Visions Group has been helping Full Circle with the search for films. When I  met John on Tuesday he had found some more interesting films handed in by a local lady who stored them in a biscuit tin……

Most of this collection isn't labelled so we will have to look through it reel by reel to see if it has any Midlands footage on it! There are 21 reels!

John is beginning the process of passing on films to the MACE film archive that the Mablethorpe Visions group has made. He is starting with the Mablethorpe film.  ” It’s a Knockout! 2009″.  Eventually clips of these films and others, will be uploaded to the online MACE  catalogue for everyone to share @macearchiveEdited version of Mablethorpe "It's a Knockout!" 2009

John Gregory of Visions Mablethorpe holding the "It's a Knockout! 2009" films

John says “When we’ve finished filming the latest community events we plan to put on some local film screenings showing some of the footage we’ve found through the Full Circle project”

To find out more about getting involved with Full Circle contact Kay on Kay.ogilvie@tiscali.co.uk telephone: 01629 823495 or look at the Full Circle pages on the MACE website


Full Circle reaches second gear: web clips of footage available online….

Terry and John of Visions at Mablethorpe – with a collection of film found through  Full Circle : web clips of some of this collection dating back to the 1930s is now available online

Hello Full Circle supporters
The Full Circle project is gradually building up a head of steam……..

Now that we  have employed our cataloguer Catherine, she is busy uploading film clips of some of the footage found and adding them to our film catalogue.
Eventually over the next 3 years we will all be able to view this previously unseen footage that Full Circle has unearthed and it is utterly charming!
Here are a few film clips to give you a taste, please keep on with the film searches so that we can uncover some more hidden gems!

Home movie shot by JI Taylor featuring Coronation Day 1953.
We see shots of a family party celebrating Coronation Day in 1953 in an unidentified location. This includes shots of an illuminated model of the St Edward’s Crown. Later we shots of people on the beach at North Landing, Flamborough, North Yorkshire and a boat ride around nearby caves.

Home movie shot in Sutton on Sea in 1938 by JI Taylor.

We see shots of a man and two women walking along the beach front in Sutton on Sea, Lincolnshire. This is followed by a man, two women and two children sitting on steps and playing in a garden. There are shots of another man and a smaller child on a veranda. This is followed by shots of the children on a beach, going on horse and cart and donkey rides and playing in the sea.

Home movie of fairground rides and on the beach at Sutton on Sea, Lincolnshire.

We see shots of children on fairground rides at a fair in Walkley, Sheffield. This is followed by a trapeze performance and shots of a crowd. Next we see shots of children in a walled garden in an unidentified location. Later we see a woman, a man and two children playing in a garden in Sutton on Sea, Lincolnshire. This is followed by two women, two men and two children playing on a beach.

Happy viewing!