Black Female Cop – A powerful and thought provoking documentary short by New Religion Film

‘Black Female Cop’ is a short documentary film by New Religion Film, which tells the story of Pamela Clayton, a young black women who joined the West Midlands police in the 80s.

Set against a backdrop of social unrest, ‘Black Female Cop’ explores the challenges Pamela faced as an ethnic minority within the police force, and also looks at the hostility she faced from the West Indian community she was trying to serve.

Featuring archive footage provide by MACE, alongside an in depth and personal interview with Pamela, as she revisits the neighbourhood she policed during the tumultuous 1980s. This thought provoking documentary is a fitting tribute to the policemen and women who faced adversity both on the beat, and within the walls of the police station themselves.

You can watch more content produced by New Religion Films by visiting their Vimeo page here,

Police Panda Cars 1967 to 1968

Following the popularity of the 1969 footage of Staffordshire Police’s MK2 Jaguar, today’s three clips all feature police panda cars from 1967 to 1968.

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ATV Today: 29.06.1967: Police Panda Cars

Police panda cars in use in Birmingham with a commentary from officers about their role. Includes shots of an Austin A40 panda car driving in Birmingham (including Balsall Heath) and a police officer on the beat.

Midlands News: 04.12.1967: New fleet of police Panda cars
New fleet of police Panda cars begin operation in Warley.
Police man driving a Morris Minor panda car.
Midlands News: 05.02.1968: Panda cars introduced to Northamptonshire police

Panda cars introduced to Northamptonshire police force and reviewed by Earl Spencer.