Come Celebrate the Tipton Slasher at Tipton Library and Enjoy a screening of Gi’ It Some ‘Ommer. Black Country folk at their best!

Today the lovely people at Tipton Library, one of MACE‘s Full Circle Groups, are having a free archive film screening of Gi’ It Some ‘Ommer (2) to celebrate their Tipton Slasher week and promote the value of archive film as an educational and historical resource.

The day officially began with the unveiling of a painting of the Tipton Slasher, by a modern day local rising star, Boxer, Liam Gould.

The Black Country, known to many as the ‘Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution’ used to be 90% Foundry’s and Factories. Steel, Iron & Engineering were the bread and butter of the Black Country population. 

‘Cocking’, Dog fights, and watching the William Perry, Tipton Slasher’s bare knuckle boxing matches were just some of the ways the good honest people of the Black Country spent their spare time.


It may have been described as an ‘inward looking, isolated area cut through with canals’, but there are still signs of industries that are now long gone, having left their mark on the Black Country landscape and the hearts of the proud people who live here.

Today’s library event celebrating the life of Tipton Slasher William Perry allows people to look at his family history, admire works of art by local artist G. Colbourne that the Slasher has inspired and to revel in a little nostalgia with a screening of MACE Black Country archive films ( to buy a copy of ATV: The Black Country 1969 please visit the MACE shop

and not forgetting the chance to listen to musicians perform songs inspired by the Slasher himself.

What a day!

If you have any old films, cine or tape or moving image materials relating to Tipton, the Black Country or the wider Midlands region and would like to know how to look after them, please get in touch with us at MACE (Media Archive for Central England) to learn how to preserve them for future generations for years to come.

Tel: 01522 837752

Saluting the Slasher Day

Tipton Library

Saturday 24th March 2012

10am – 2pm

Programme of events

10.15 am Opening of event and unveiling of Tipton Slasher Portrait by boxer Liam Gould

10.30 am Art Workshops with Graham Colbourne and Friends (all day)

11am Tracing the Slasher’s Family Tree
with Joan Keeling (all day)

11.15 Local History Film Shows
(all day)

1pm Sing a Song for the Slasher Competition
Live Performances from the Top Two

1.15pm Song Competition Winner Announced

1.30 Raffle Announced

2pm Close of Event

Robert Hazel
Community Library Manager

Sandwell Council… working for you

Sandwell Council
Tipton Library
17 Unity Walk

T: 0121 557 1796











‘The Public’ – launches Full Circle at an archive screening event in West Bromwich….

The Public, the digital arts centre in West Bromwich was the launch for Full Circle on 2nd April

On a lovely sunny evening in West Bromwich, local history groups came together to  help The Public launch the Full Circle project. The Public is supporting MACE in the search for films via the Full Circle project. Eventually these films will be screened at The Public in a big celebration event of our screen heritage.

Whats on at The Public.....

The Public digital arts centre is already becoming part of community life, and once the shopping centre building works are complete it will become an integral part of the community. There was an Indian wedding going on when I was there – lots of lovely food smells…..

The two friendly staff at reception - On the night were short film screenings of archive footage from the Sandwell archives, Oldbury History Society collection, 1960s ITV news items. As well as a short film made by a local film-maker Billy Dosanhjh "Miracle in West Bromwich".

Entrance to one of the many screening rooms at The Public with the Full Circle bannerFilms are part of our screen  heritage and The Public and MACE are working together to collect and preserve them for future generations to enjoy. Films and moving images have the capacity to reveal life over the last 100 years – like no other record.

Keith Hodgkins and members of the Tipton Civic Society came to support the launch and watch some archive footage of the local area

Audience members were from local history groups in the area who are helping to search for films and moving images

Members of Tipton Civic Society and Tipton Harriers Athletic Club

MACE has recently supplied the Tipton Harriers Athletic Club with copies of  some of their old films to help them celebrate their centenary anniversary earlier in the year.

Roxie and Chris of "Stirchley Happenings" an active local group in the area who also put on film screenings of archive footage supplied by MACE

Phil Leach, Curator at MACE put together some 1960s footage from the ITV news archive

This screening was a special event to celebrate and share rare and unique images of The Black Country. It was jointly hosted by us (MACE) and The Public. We are looking for groups to join us in the search for film to help unearth some  hidden treasures of our screen heritage.

JP our friendly audio-visual technician did a fantastic job on the night! Thank you

Keith Hodgkins brought along some films for the Full Circle project - these will be assessed and then relevant footage will be copied onto DVD for the local groups to enable them to share the films by giving a community screening

Graham Peet, Exhibitions Manager of The Public who not only gave an interesting talk on The Value of collecting Media, but also gave a tour of the Publics facilities. Graham can be contacted on: 0121 533 7161 For more details of the Full Circle Project have a look at the Full Circle section of this website or contact Kay Ogilvie Senior Curator Full Circle

Tipton Harriers Centenary Celebration embraces nostalgic archive film screening at Reunion Event

On Sunday 10th October 2010 Tipton Harriers past and present were reunited once more to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Tipton Harriers Athletics Club by getting together to reminisce about the many achievements that they had won over the years.
Tipton Harriers Centenary Archivists Chris Holloway and Keith Atkins, who helped organised the reunion event, which took place in the Snug, arranged for an exhibition of memorabilia to adorn the walls and also for a screening of the Tipton Harriers films that had recently been found in the Harriers Full Circle Film Search.
The films showed members of the Harriers taking part in cross-country relays and events across the country during the 1960s and 70s.
Tipton Harrier and filmmaker, Tony Phillips, spoke to Lucie Kerley – Curator for Community & Acquisition at MACE (The Media Archive for Central England) about how it felt to watch his footage over 40 years on now that it had been digitised by the MACE archive’s Heritage Lottery Funded Full Circle Project. Also interviewed was Tipton Harrier’s Long Distance Runner, Ron Bentley, who was asked how it felt to watch the interview of himself at his factory in 1974 with ATV presenter Peter Green.
Watch the 1974 interview here:​Media.html?Title=20607
What are your favourite  Tipton Harrier memories? Do you recognise any of the faces from the film?
To find out more about the Tipton Harrier archive film footage  held at MACE visit our website to start your search.
If you have any home-movies relating to the Midlands area please get in touch with us here at MACE to find out about your nearest participating Full Circle Group who are looking for films in your area.
Lucie Kerley – Full Circle Project Curator: Community & Acquisition – 0116 252 5931 or email

Interviewed by: Lucie Kerley @luciekerley
Filmed & edited by jmgcreative – @jmgcreative
Archive footage supplied by: ATV and MACE (The Media Archive for Central England) @MACEarchive
Music by: Boat to Row –​boattorow

Camera: Canon 550D DSLR
Lens: 50mm f1.8, 10mm-24mm

Edited using Final Cut Pro and graded using Color

Phyllis Girling’s 1955 Story of The Nativity found in Full Circle Film Search, Tipton.

With only 49 days (and counting…) to Christmas, I thought it was about time I shared this story to get you in a festive mood…

I first met Roy Langford in September  at Tipton Library where The Tipton Harriers were putting on a display of old sporting memorabilia in celebration of their 100th birthday, it was whilst watching back some old cinefilm, and talking about some more that had been digitised in the Full Circle Project, that Roy first mentioned the other cinefilms he had at home .

We met again on the 10th October at the Tipton Harriers Centenary Event which took place at Tipton Sports Academy, where the Full Circle Project were able to digitise a selection of footage from Mick Orton & Tony Phillips Collections to show at the event. During the reunion event in The Snug, Roy came over to me and mentioned some cinefilm that he was interested in depositing with The Full Circle Project.

One piece of film was a 50ft reel of the 1967 Tipton Harriers Boxing Day Handicap race and the other reels dated back to 1955. These other films had been passed onto him by a lady called Phyllis Girling, and were titled  “P. Girling – Story of the Nativity film” and “P. Girling – National Federation of Parent Teachers Association – part 1. and part. 2”  

Miss Girling was Headteacher of Park Primary School, on Nelson Road, Dudley which is now the site of Jessons Church of England Primary School.

In a touching article in the St. Barnabas Parish News, Russell’s Hall, Dudley in March 1988, The Vicar wrote of Phyllis  ” With the death last December, we all lost a remarkable lady and a good friend.” He goes on to say how her devotion the her work as a teacher, will be remembered along with her outward looking attitude that she should use her birthday as an opportunity to raise a large sum of money for charity.”

The Vicar also mentions the “remarkable film of the Nativity which she showed us, made to a very high standard when she was a headmistress.” and said that “she never lost her enjoyment of childrens company and working with them.”

The Story of the Nativity which was partly filmed in the grounds of Dudley Castle and included the loaning of a camel and a couple of donkeys from Dudley Zoo, is a credit to her work as a teacher and one that we hope to share with Jessons C of E School, as a way of looking how the Nativity play differed back then.

Miss Girling wrote: “In October we decided to make a colour film suitable for showing during our Christmas Festivities. Dare we attempt the Story of the Nativity? Costumes would be easy to put together, but the setting should be in Palestine and we must produce our film in Dudley, a town in the Industrial Midlands.”

As a way of getting this film back into the community, I contacted Lucy Griffiths, Headteacher of Jessons Church of England Primary School to let her know about our discovery and she responded saying: “How interesting to hear from you. A film from 1955 sounds fascinating. Funnily enough, we are quite interested in film ourselves. We recently had a film project where every class made a short film, and we held a private premier at the local cinema. It was great! But back to your film – I’d be very interested in having a look and I’m sure the children will be too. After all, we still do nativity plays every year here – though we’ve never borrowed animals from the zoo.”

Phyllis Girling wrote: “A big worry might have been to find a camel, but we hoped that Mr. Risden, the Manager of Dudley Zoo, might be able to help us, and we were not disappointed. He gave us permission to use George, a haughty looking camel, and Jacob, a donkey living at the zoo at the time, if we filmed within the zoo grounds. The zoo of course lies within the grounds of Dudley Castle and we found one wing of the ruins ideally suited for the home of Mary and Joseph.”

My colleague, Richard Shenton – Head of Access and Learning at MACE says: “We are constantly looking to further the use of material in our collection in all areas of education.” So, it really will be lovely to see the reactions of both the pupils and teachers to a film that was made over 55 years ago!

Miss Girling was described as a “first-class Headteacher” whose “leadership created the excellent school that it was!”

Then school-girl, Laura, who was chosen to play Mary in the Story of the Nativity, described the making of the film as “ground-breaking”. In a letter to The Bugle Newspaper she said that “I can vividly remember thinking it was great fun to be on location filming and can recall many amusing incidents.”

A request was made in early 2001 as to the whereabouts of a movie film made by Park Primary School. “The caught the eye of Bugle reader Mr. Roy Langford of Tividale, and he was delighted to furnish us with a story that cheers the heart at this magical time of year. Miss Girling had been a next-door neighbour and great friend of Roy’s for 15 years, enjoying her retirement in Tividale.”

Roy hunted out the film that had been given to him by Phyllis and also discovered a manuscipt which told the making of the “Nativity Story”, and the various locations that were used in its production.

“Miss Girling had given me these papers in a box just before she died, almost as if she wanted the story told. Also in the box I found some painted Christmas cards, including one which showed a woman sat on a donkey, heading towards a girl holding a carrot and sandwiched in-between a kneeling figure holding a cine-camera. “Memories 1955″ was the wording used, so I knew at once that the film had been shot in 1955. The handpainted Christmas cards had been doen by fellow teacher Olwen Pearson.”

As part of the Heritage Lottery Funded Full Circle project – we are able to copy the films into a digital format and preserve the orginals in the MACE archive, to ensure their future enjoyment for generations to come. The copies that will be made, will be in an accessible format, such as DVD that can be watched by people in the community and can be watched on the MACE archive’s online catalogue.

The ever-positive Miss Girling finishes her film-making manuscript by saying: “We are aware of the film’s many imperfections, but we realise many of these are overlooked because interest becomes centred on the convincing way in which children unfold a story they know and love so well.”

If you want to hear more about the Full Circle Project and our hunt for Midland’s Homemovies please get in touch with us here at MACE.

Lucie Kerley – Full Circle Curator. Tel: 01522 837756 or Mob: 07919 896 505, email



Kiwi Newspaper honours Centenary Celebrators Tipton Harrier’s Jack Holden with ‘hard man’ article.

"Jack Holden... Hard Man" - extract from The Gisborne Herald, NZ

A few weeks ago I was present at a Tipton Harriers event at Tipton Library and took some photographs of the people who attended and also of the sporting memorabilia on display in the library’s museum heritage section. Following this blog post, a chap called John Gillies from New Zealand who works for the newspaper The Gisborne Herald, contacted the MACE archive.

 John explained that his father, Iain Gillies, the paper’s former editor and now a part-time sports writer, wanted to use one of the photographs I had taken at the event for a weekly feature called Legends in their Lifetime.

Tipton Harrier Jack Holden. Photo taken by Lucie Kerley (c) of an illustration taken from a sports magazine c.1950

John went on to explain that “normally it focuses on a local sporting identity but this week – to coincide with the Commonwealth Games – it recalls his memories of the 1950 Empire Games in Auckland and, in particular, the performance of Jack Holden in winning the marathon, despite his having to run the latter part of the race barefoot and avoid a chasing Great Dane. While searching Google for pictures to go with the story, we found your site, and images of the Tipton Harriers display of sporting memorabilia at Tipton Library.” 

As you may already be aware, The Tipton Harriers are holding a Centenary Celebration event this coming Sunday, 10th October at the Tipton Harriers Academy.

As hopefully you’re all aware this is the Club’s Centenary year and on Sunday 10th October there will be celebrations at the Tipton Sports Academy.

“From 1pm to 5pm there will be a BBQ, Bouncy Castle, Face Painting, Tombola, Cake Stall and much more. This is open to everyone, members of the Harriers or not.

Update:Please be there in plenty of time to get the relays sorted.
At 3.30 there will be the 100mile relay on the track. This will be split into 10 teams doing 10x1mile each. Be great to have everyone involved in this, no matter how fast, slow, young or old it’s just about having some fun. Please talk to your team managers and get involved. We realise there is a West Mid YA XC League that day, but hopefully a mile (or even part of a mile!) will still be possible.

There’ll be displays of the history of the club including old film footage and at 5pm there’ll be an old members re-union in the Snug.

From 7.30pm onwards there’ll be a buffet followed by a disco in the Function Room. This will be free but please get tickets off Marg Cherrington or Carol Smith so the right number can be catered for.

Be great to see you all there. “

 The event will be an opportunitiy for Tipton Harriers both past and present to be reunited and reminisce.

As part of their search for old sporting memorabilia connected to the Tipton Harriers, they are calling out for people who may have filmed any events in Tipton or the surrounding area – or have footage relating to Tipton Harriers, to come forward with their old film collections and have the opportunity to have the films copied into an accessible format and preserved in the MACE archive, free of charge. 

Tipton Harriers Club Member Tony Phillips - a selection of whose cinefilm will be screened at Tipton Harriers Centenary event on Sunday 10th October 2010

Tony Phillips has been a Club member (of Tipton Harriers) for over 50 years and through that time has held many coaching and official positions within the Club. As a young man he competed to a high standard over all racing surfaces – road, track & cross country. He has also coached all abilities from club to international level. He has served on many bodies that have governed the sport through the years. 2010 sees this recognised with the Presidency of the English Cross Country Association. An avid follower of athletics he has brought us a significant benefit with his collection of cine material that we are now able to enjoy as a fitting archive to athletic life and competition in the 1960’s & 70’s. He lives in Wolverhampton with his wife Margaret.

Tipton Harriers will be a screening a selection archive film in conjunction with the Heritage Lottery Funded Full Circle project which has enabled the Harriers to digitise a film collection belonging to Tony Phillips,  and also gain access to some old ATV news footage of ‘Long Distance Runner’ – Ron Bentley which will be on display on Sunday. It will be an opportunity for members to look back at events that have made the Tipton Harriers the club they are today!

Tipton Harriers Ground

For more information on this event visit

 or if you have any film or sporting memorabilia, please contact Tipton Harriers: Chris Holloway 01225 309 124 / or Keith Atkins – 01902 674335  /

Interested in The Black Country? MACE has just released it’s first DVD.


The half an hour long documentary (which includes another hour’s worth of bonus material) was made by ATV Today in 1969 and explores the changing industry and landscape of the region through the eyes of its people.

See here for more details:

Tipton Harriers celebrate their 100th Birthday and promote their Full Circle Film Search at local library.

Keith Atkins promotes the Full Circle Project at Tipton Library.

On Saturday, 11th September the Tipton Harriers celebrated their 100th Birthday and Tipton Library it’s 10th! Members of the public were invited to come and celebrate the occasion with a slice of cake and a look back at the History of the Tipton Community, the prestigious Tipton Harriers and a celebration of sport in the area.

Keith Hodgkins & members of Tipton Civic Society

Tipton Harriers, Keith Atkins organised the event with the help of Robert Hazel of Tipton Library. The day was a great success with people stopping by throughout the day to enjoy the displays of sporting memorabilia and catch a climpse of members of the Tipton Harriers, both past & present!

Appearances were made by the likes of Tony Milovsorov – former G.B international, Peter Griffiths – former Welsh International Steeplechaser and Martin Williams – G.B International Marathon runner.

Tipton Harrier – Tony Milovsorov – former GB International

There was even a Birthday cake to celebrate the Tipton Harriers 100th Year and Tipton Library’s 10th Birthday.

On show were sporting memorabilia from celebrated members of the Harriers, including Jack Holden, and a powerpoint presentation with Tipton Harrier member profiles and a Full Circle screening of archive footage of  a Tipton Harrier Boxing Day morning handicap race from 1967, courtesy of Roy Langford – also a former Tipton Harrer 100 – 220m runner. Roy’s wife bought him the cine camera as a present  and this was the 3rd or 4th film that he took. The Tipton Harriers Centenary Project is working alongside Full Circle, to search for film or home-movies made in the Midlands that might hold the key to understanding more about our screen heritage.

Roy Langford created his own home-movies of the Tipton Harriers.

Roy Langford’s Tipton Harriers Boxing Day morning Handicap race, 1967

Also on display was a Tipton Harrier vest for everyone to sign alongside the likes of Tipton Harrier – Jack Corfield – the fastest man in the E.U over 2 miles in the 1950’s, to celebrate the special occasion.

Keith Atkins and volunteers of the Centenary Archive Project invited members of the community along to deposit or share any of their own memories of Tipton Harriers.

If you have any information or memorabilia relating to the Tipton Harriers such as:

Old photographs/reels of film/homemovies – digital & tape 



Race results 






Tipton 10 Mile Race Results 



Club magazines 



Club badges & stickers 



Newspaper cuttings 



Club Ties 



Race programmes 



Old club memorabilia 



Please get in touch with Chris Holloway:


Keith Atkins: Tel:  01902 674 335

Tipton Harriers display of sporting memorabilia at Tipton Library

Tipton Harrier – Jack Holden

Tipton Harrier Martin Williams and Robert Hazel award prizes to the children who took part in the competition

Tipton Harriers Sports Ground

On Sunday 10th October 2010 – The Tipton Harriers invite you to an informal gathering at the Tipton Sports Academy to celebrate 100 years of Tipton Harriers which members (past & present) are invited with their friends & families. The reunion is due start around 5.00pm and is part of a number of activities being staged by the Harriers on the day.

It is hoped that a large number of past members will be able to attend. There will be a chance to catch up with old friends and rivals!
We will also be taking the opportunity to show a number of the cine films that we have been able to collect and transfer into a modern format. These include the samples from the famous ‘Tony Phillips Collection’ from the 1960’s & 70’s, as well as some short clips from a Boxing Day Handicap (in the 1960’s) and samples from Road Runners Club Archives and, hopefully, a few surprises as well.
For more information contact Chris Holloway –

Photographs courtesy of Lucie Kerley © 2010

Midland Montage: 26.11.1959: Tipton Sons of Rest

Jenny Martin interviews elderly men from Tipton who want the council to provide a place for retired men to go during the day.

Roof top shots over Tipton. Jenny Martin interviews Mr Charrington (?) who explains that the Vono company offered premises for the retired men of Tipton (the Sons of Rest) to use as a meeting place but the council turned it down. She then speaks to an unnamed 84-year-old man about how he fills his time.

Wikipedia: Tipton is a town in the Sandwell borough of the West Midlands, England, with a population of around 47,000. Tipton is located about halfway between Birmingham and Wolverhampton. It is a part of the West Midlands conurbation and is a part of the Black Country.